Discovering Nicaragua 10D/9N
Arenal Forest takes you to discover Nicaragua. Located between the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, Nicaragua offers a vibrant culture, pristine nature and adventure. Explore its volcanoes, as well as its fascinating colonial cities, and enjoy the lagoons and beautiful islands. Join us to visit Nicaragua.
Descipción del Tour
Nicaragua, the largest country in Central America, is known as the land of lakes and volcanoes, is an extraordinary undiscovered land with diverse tourist attractions, interesting culture, great history and incredible landscapes. It is home to Granada (founded in 1524) and León, two of the oldest cities in Latin America. Lake Nicaragua is the largest freshwater lake in Central America and is home to the world's only freshwater sharks (Tiburón Toro).

Información puntual del Tour
  • Bus tour
  • Naturalist Guide
  • Hotel
  • Group of 10 to 14 people
  • Specifically at the time of the tour the group is divided in half.
El Paquete incluye por persona
  • Transport with A / C according to the itinerary
  • Nicaraguan Guide in English/Spanish
  • 02 nights accommodation in Managua (first and last night)
  • 02 nights accommodation in León
  • 03 nights accommodation in Granada
  • 02 nights accommodation on Ometepe Island
  • Excursion León Viejo & Leon Colonial
  • Flor de Caña Rum Factory Excursion
  • Masaya Volcano Excursion & Handicrafts Market
  • Granada Excursion in Carriage
  • Mombacho Adventure Excursion
  • Ometepe Island Excursion
  • Lunch on full day excursions
  • Daily breakfast
El Paquete no incluye
  • Food not established
  • Airplane tickets
  • Travel insurance
  • Taxes on departure from the country
  • Personal expenses on souvenirs and gratuities
  • No service not specified in the itinerary
  • Country tax

(+506) 2265-1202

Detalle del Tour
The duration of the tour: 
10 full days, 9 nights.

Temperature in Nicaragua 
There are three temperature zones in Nicaragua. In the lowlands (Pacific and Atlantic) temperatures vary from 72° F at night to 86 F at day (22 C-30 C) temperatures reach 100 F in May (38 C). The central part of the country has about 9 F (5 C) cooler, and in the mountains to the north is 18 F cooler (10 C).

The difficulty of the tour is moderate Level 2.
Longer distance tours, typically 3-8 miles / 5-13 km (3-5 hours) per day of intermittent walking. 
Keep in mind that effort can become increasingly difficult in high altitude mountain locations.
Trail in general in good condition, flat or moderately inclined terrain, irregular surfaces for walking, slight danger of falls as natural spaces are rarely enclosed. 
Some routes may be in isolated areas. 
All participants should be fit, healthy beginners with average cardio, endurance, strength and agility, tennis shoes.
Some of the places we will visit have an altitude of  
550 metres sea level

It is recommended 
Comfortable walking shoes 
Biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent 
Cash for tips (optional) and purchases 
Cap or hat 


Costa Rica
Holders of British, US, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and most EU passports can enter Costa Rica for a stay of 90 days without a visa. Proof of onward travel may be required when entering Costa Rica - we suggest you take a print out of your flight details in case officials ask to see them. All passengers flying via the USA will have to clear immigration during transit. Prior to travel you must apply for an Electronic Travel Authority (USD14) under the Visa Waiver Programme. Please see here for more information. The same applies to travel via Canada which also requires an Electronic Travel Authority. If you are not a UK citizen please check with your local U.S. Embassy.


Costa Rica
There are no mandatory vaccination requirements. Recommended vaccinations are: Hepatitis A.

The risk of malaria is slight but you may wish to consult your GP or travel health clinic for further advice.

Dengue fever is a known risk in places visited. It is a tropical viral disease spread by daytime biting mosquitoes. There is currently no vaccine or prophylaxis available for Dengue, and therefore the best form of prevention is to avoid being bitten. We recommend you take the usual precautions to avoid mosquito bites.

Zika fever is a mosquito‐borne viral disease and a known risk in places visited on this trip. There is currently no vaccine or prophylaxis available, we therefore strongly recommend you take the usual precautions to avoid mosquito bites.

If you have travelled to a country at risk of Yellow Fever prior to arriving in Costa Rica you will be expected to have a valid Yellow Fever Certificate with you.  

Eating and Drinking

All breakfasts, 4 lunches and 2 dinners are included.

In the itinerary we state which meals are included on which day. Hotel breakfasts are normally buffet style, and lunches and dinners at Tortuguero are also buffet style. Vegetarians are well catered for but please inform us before departure of any special dietary requests.

Costa Rican specialities include 'Gallo Pinto', a black bean and rice dish considered to be a staple part of the local diet. Soups and stews are also common, and fresh fruit is abundant and will no doubt be one of the highlights of your time in the tropics.


Costa Rica is located 10º north of the equator and has a tropical climate. The average temperature range is 10ºC - 13ºC in the highlands, and from 22ºC - 26ºC in the lowlands. There is a rainy season from May to November when there are daily downpours, though these are usually quite short and there is still plenty of bright sunshine, so midsummer is not necessarily a bad time to go. December to April is the driest time of the year but you should still expect some rain.

Is this trip for you?

This trip has been graded 1 (Leisurely) with a safari rating of 3.

Driving distances are not very long and most of the roads that we travel on are of good quality. However, the road which leads to the river on the way to and from Tortuguero and the road into and out of Monteverde have poor surfaces and this can result in slow driving times, particularly following heavy rain. There are several included and optional walks on the itinerary which occasionally involve walking on rough paths. These are suitable for most levels of fitness. During times of heavy rain, trails can be muddy and slippery and extra care should be taken. Many of the areas visited on the trip are hot and humid and there is the chance of heavy rain year-round - this is why Costa Rica is so green!

Following a review of all our trips we have categorised this trip as not suitable for full wheelchair users, but it may be suitable for other persons of reduced mobility. Please contact customer services to discuss the trip and your personal condition.

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In our stay in Nicaragua we will be visiting the ruins of the old city of Leon, we can also visit the factory of Ron Flor de Caña, next to the volcano Masaya, the handicraft market and many other destinations within the itinerary.
Día 1
Upon arrival at the airport in Managua, the capital city of the country, you will be greeted by our guide who will accompany you to the hotel. Rest of the day free. Overnight stay in Managua.
Día 2
Breakfast at the hotel. Trip to the ruins of the ancient city of Leon, Nicaragua's first capital for over 200 years, founded by Spanish captain Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba in 1524. It was moved to its current location in 1610 due to the volcanic eruptions of the Momotombo volcano. The ruins of León Viejo were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000. Today you can also enjoy a visit to the museum of the famous international Nicaraguan poet Rubén Darío, who started the Spanish-American literary movement known as Modernism, which flourished in the late 19th century. Stop at Central Park to enjoy a visit to the cathedral of La Asunción de León, the largest colonial religious building in Central America. Lunch included. Overnight stay in Leon.
Día 3
Breakfast at the hotel. A journey through the history of the world's most awarded rum "Flor de Caña". You will be able to tour the factory and learn about how rum is processed. You will visit the rum vault, the rum barrels storage center, see a video presentation of the history of the factory and its rum production. You can also sample delicious rum before visiting the Flor de Caña museum and shopping in the boutique. Lunch included. Overnight in Leon.
Día 4
Breakfast at the hotel. Explore Masaya Volcano National Park and enjoy time shopping for crafts in the city of Masaya, capital of Nicaraguan crafts and folklore. This half-day excursion includes a visit to Masaya Volcano, the first and largest national park established in Nicaragua since 1979. This volcanic complex has an area of 54 km² which includes two volcanoes and five craters with a height of 635 meters above sea level. This geological formation is part of the volcanic chain of the Quaternary era and today is the only volcano in the Western Hemisphere where you can ascend by vehicle to its crater. Next, enjoy free time to shop for handicrafts in the city of Masaya, including a visit to the famous hammock factory and handicraft market. Lunch included. Overnight stay in Granada.
Día 5
Breakfast at the hotel. Drive in a carriage around Granada and discover the culture and history of the third oldest city in the Americas founded in 1524! Rest of the day free. Today, you can explore the street of La Calzada on your own. Overnight stay in Granada.
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